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How does LifeOnRecord Work?

Friends and family call a toll-free number and hear a personal greeting from you inviting them to leave a favorite story, memory, or wish for the recipient, or they can describe what the recipient’s best qualities, traits, and talents. The caller leaves a meaningful message and has the option to review what they recorded and re-record it if necessary. 

Within minutes after signing up, you will receive an account instructions email that will walk you through every step of the process.


Step 1 – Sign-up and record an introductory greeting.

When you are ready, you will call-in and record an introductory greeting for callers. Don’t worry – we’ll give you a sample script to follow so that you’ll know exactly what to say.


Step 2 – Send out the toll-free number to friends and family and manage the recordings as they come in.

When you sign up, you tell us the name of the recipient and the event.  We take that information and provide you with a personalized communication that you can copy and paste to include in emails, letters, or you can tell people the information verbally (example below). That information includes the toll-free number and contains a link to telephone numbers in over 30 countries as well as information on how to call-in using Skype. If it’s easier, we can call them! As long as they have a phone with a phone number somewhere on the planet, our system will call them so they can leave a recording for the recipient.



You as the coordinator have complete control – and you’ll have as much fun as the recipient!

As calls come in, they are available on our website within seconds, and you will also receive email notifications of each call. You’ll see the Caller ID information of who called in, the duration of the call, and you’ll be able to be able to play the recordings online and through iTunes. You have control over what recordings the recipient ultimately listens to, the sequence, and you can edit the title, trim recordings, and even raise the volume for “low talkers”.


Step 3 – Wow the recipient

Imagine the look of wonderment when the recipient realizes that friends and family have created recordings specifically for them. You have multiple options of how to present the recordings to the recipient(s):

  1. Order one or more of our personalized CD Sets. You  choose the color of the CD set, along with the top and bottom personalization,  the CD sets are packaged in a metal, windowed case.  You pay a flat price for each CD Set, regardless of how many CDs it takes to fit all the recordings.  CD Sets are just $24.99 with free shipping for the first CD set, and $19.99 and free shipping for each additional set.
  2. Order a speaker that contains all the recordings.  You can choose from five different speaker colors.  The speakers are about 2 inches, by 2 inches, by three inches, but have a remarkable size for a speaker so small.  They have a rechargeable battery, and take a MicroSD card that we provide that contains all the recordings.  Speakers are $34.99 and include the memory card with your recordings, charging cable, and free shipping.
  3. Make your own CDs. You can make your own CDs for free using iTunes, which is a free program for both Windows PC’s and Macs.  We provide step-by-step instructions of how to do this.
  4. Present the recordings on an MP3 player or Smart Phone. Again, we tell you how to copy the recordings to your computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  5. Copy the recordings to a USB drive. Does the recipient not have a CD or DVD player?  The recordings can be copied to a USB drive where they can be played on many TV’s, cars, and computers.
  6. Play the recordings directly from our web site.

It’s that simple!

Read about the benefits of LifeOnRecord for you, and for the recipient’s friends and family.