Your parents have always given you everything.
Their anniversary is the perfect time to tell them how much they mean to you.

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Take the  opportunity to easily bring together all of the people that have been special to your parents over the years – family and friends who will share memories, stories, and sentiments that will make their anniversary unforgettable!

The recordings from the friends they have known for years reminiscing about raising families together, the call from your mom’s maid of honor reminding her of the fun they had preparing for the wedding so many years ago, and the messages from their children, telling them how much they are loved and appreciated for all they have done.  These are the best gifts, spoken from the heart and captured by LifeOnRecord.



Customer Reviews from those that have used LifeOnRecord for an Anniversary…

Hey Life on Record!
Thanks for making my parents’ 50th anniversary such a success. We surprised them with the gift last week and they were so touched to hear all the lovely messages from their friends and family. Kudos to a great idea and for helping us let them know how much they mean to us.

Alexis Burling

What a great way to celebrate our parents 63rd Wedding Anniversary. The recordings from our family and friends to our parents made this gift so unique and truly a time capsule! What a great idea and you guys were so easy to work with. Any questions we had you answered quickly and efficiently. Thank you!

Linda Hoffman

This was a great 50th wedding anniversary gift. My parents loved it and it was so much more meaningful than “stuff”.

Emily Shelton Fletty

This CD was the perfect gift for my parents’ 50th anniversary. We had dinner with the immediate family and played the CD during dinner. It was so fun to see their expressions as each friend or family member talked. The process to put together the CD was easy and the results were fabulous. My parents are still talking about it and listening again and again…..

Linda Scheneman

We used Life on Record for our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It’s such a fun and different kind of gift. My parents were astounded and amazed, and mom cried a little at all the people who called to wish them congratulations. What a great memory maker! All the grandkids, in their cute little voices, and my mom’s uncle, who is 90 and some of their high school friends were the hits of the CD. Thanks, Life on Record, for this great service.

Betsey Jane

My grandsons and I used this wonderful gift for my daughter and son-in-laws 25th wedding anniversary. Most of our family and old friends live far away so couldn’t wish them congrats in person. We had 50 personal messages from all ages of friends and relatives. Lots of laughs and tears of love. I recommend this as a wonderful way to keep and re-connect wonderful relationships

Carol Orts

Great present! My mother and father in law just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and they LOVED this gift! Congrats again to Keith and Marlene Kohlmeier! Love you both- Cori and Jeremy

Cori K. Kohlmeier

LifeOnRecord is a great gift, Mom & Dad just celebrated 50 years and it’s a great way to hear from all the people who’s lives they touched.

Angela Sandora Hoover

If you are not familiar with this service it will be the most memorable gift you have ever given someone – and the most appreciated. They make it simple and seamless. All you need is to email or tell folks about the 800 number. I did this for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. What was nice is that everyone regardless of distance was able to virtually participate in honoring my parents on that day. I would even say – don’t wait for an event. Surprise someone with a – we appreciate you day using this. That will really be meaningful! It is all about creating memories and holding on to those precious moments. This is even better than pictures! Try it.

Garen Wisner

I have used LifeOnRecord twice now – once for my parents 40th wedding anniversary and once for my aunt’s Golden Jubilee – and I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with. The communication between LifeOnRecord and the customer is tremendous and everyone that called in raved about what a great idea it was for a gift. I would HIGHLY recommend LifeOnRecord to anyone. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars.

Diane Lentz Snow