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Give them a gift they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one is a challenge, isn’t it?

There are millions of gifts you can choose from, but your loved one deserves something especially meaningful.

Imagine their surprise when you give them phoned-in recordings of their friends and family toasting them with tributes and well-wishes. Imagine how they will feel about themselves as they hear voices of loved ones calling in and telling them what makes them uniquely special and why they are appreciated.

We hear time and time again that LifeOnRecord is the best gift the recipient has ever received. 

How it Works 

step-1Step 1: Sign up with LifeOnRecord and receive your toll-free number within a few minutes. Record an introductory greeting using our sample script.Learn more >

step-2 Step 2: Use our instructions to communicate the toll-free number out to friends and family and tell them how to call in with their personal and memories. Learn more >

step-3 Step 3: Wow the recipient! Download the recordings to play for the recipient, or we'll send you a nicely packaged personalized CD set. Learn more >

grannyAs each recording comes in, it's available on our web site within seconds. You can play the recordings online, you can bring them into iTunes, and you can play them on a smart phone or MP3 player. You have control over what recording tracks make it to the final CD and in what order. And, you can download the recordings yourself for free to make your own CD or we’ll send you one!

Life is Short. Tell Them Why They're Special.

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Easily download your recordings, make your own CD's or purchase a CD set from us for an additional $24.99 (shipping and handling are free). Your account is instantly activated and you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 1 Year unlimited plan is for one event.