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Easily gather stories and well-wishes from friends & family to create a treasured, one-of-a-kind audio keepsake.




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The recipient will LOVE their gift or your money back - a guarantee based on over 10 years of supplying happiness.


How A Daughter Surprised Her Parents For An Amazing 50th Wedding Anniversary

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A woman thankful she gave it to her father...

A couple who gave it to each other...

A woman who gave it to her very private mother...

Still listening two years later...

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Easy To Create, Simple To Give

Record Anywhere, Anytime

Friends and family all over the world can contribute a special memory, moment, or story 24/7.

Get Everyone Involved

Limitless recording makes it easy for family, friends, and colleagues to contribute to one gift.

Fast & Convenient

Avoid staring at the blank page of a scrapbook or traditional card, and tell someone how special they are within minutes

How it Works


Purchase LifeOnRecord

Getting started is easy. Tell us your special occasion and the recipient's name. Within 15 minutes of signing up you will receive your account instructions. You will record an introductory greeting for friends and family.

Invite Callers  

Send your toll-free number to friends and family around the world so they can share meaningful stories and memories. Voice recordings can also be uploaded to your account page from smartphones, tablets, computers, and email.

Give A Gift They'll Love

Organize the recordings in any order you prefer and request one of LifeOnRecord's keepsake options. Enjoy the anticipation, excitement, and surprise as meaningful toasts and tributes fill the air.

What makes LifeOnRecord Unique

Pricing & Keepsake Options Your Recipient Will Love

LifeOnRecord service for one full year with unlimited recordings.....   $65 $50

See what you get...
  • Toll-Free Number – A 1-800 number that can be used in the US, Canada, & Caribbean.
  • Global Telephone Access – Callers can access local numbers in over 30 countries, as well as use Skype. Our system can also call people anywhere in the world to record at no additional cost.
  • Unlimited Recordings – As many people can call in as you like. Each recording can be up to 30 minutes and people can call in multiple times.
  • Control Over Recordings – From our web site you have the ability to easily trim, amplify, rename, and sequence the recordings in your account.
  • Instant Notification – As each recording is left you will receive an email with the recording attached, in addition to the recording getting added to your online account.
  • Multiple Contribution Options – In addition to calling, people can email, upload, record on our web site, and use their smartphone to record.
  • Easily Save Recordings – At any time you can download individual recordings, or download them all with one click.

Playlist Web Page.....     $10 or Free with any Speaker or CD Set Purchase

Web Page Description...

The recipient can easily play the recordings from any computer, smart phone, or tablet simply by clicking a link – no login required. The page will automatically play all the recordings in your designated sequence or the recipient can pick and choose which recordings to play. The recording titles will automatically populate with Caller ID information, and you can customize the titles to be more meaningful.

Personalized CD Set.....     $25 with Free Shipping

Personalized CD Set Description...

Get a durable, waterproof personalized CD keepsake to give to someone special. Each set of CDs we send to you is packaged in a hinged, metal case with a clear plastic window so your recipient can view the CD Personalization.

Keepsake Speaker.....    $35 with Free Shipping

Keepsake Speaker Description...

Enjoy an impressively crystal clear sound with this compact speaker which contains all your recordings. With a 4 GB memory card and 10 hours of battery life, this audio box is perfect to listen to while lounging around the house or on the go.

Limited Time Specials

Purchase one or more physical keepsakes (CD Set or Speaker) and receive the Playlist Web Page for free.

Purchase 2 or more keepsakes in any combination, and receive 10% off your keepsake purchases, the free playlist web page, and free archiving.
With archiving, we automatically archive your recordings into long-term storage after one year. If you ever lose your recordings or your keepsake, we will restore your recordings back to your account. We have restored the recordings for customers from over 12 years ago.

Discounts and free products are reflected after you add them to your cart and press the "Add to Cart" button.

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Look Through Hundreds of Reviews

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Did this for my mother’s 70 birthday. Wanted it to be a surprise but needed her address book! She said over and over NO PARTY! still wasn’t sure that there wasn’t going to be a party but was very happy to hear all of he friend and family say and sing happy birthday. Best present ever!
Kelly Peevy
Life On Record is such a special way to celebrate/memorialize a special occasion. I participated in a friend’s husband’s 50th birthday recording. So simple to use and one of the best gifts that can be given.
Gina Harpur
LifeOnRecord is a wonderful way to show the admiration, love and respect that people feel for one, and an opportunity to remember memorable occasions. What a wonderful surprise this will be for our daughter. The process goes on without a hitch. We received the completed CD within 26 hours of ordering. Wonderful service!
Gail Chip Hovey
Thank you so much for your support you gave a member of my family who had difficulty making a call from the UK. The help was immediate. This is a great gift for anyone celebrating a milestone in their life. Friends took the task of making a recording very seriously and as a result have produced a wonderful memory. Thank you.
Barbara Cohen
This is a great gift idea. We gave it to one of our staff pastors who moved away. It was simple to put together and yet incredibly significant to him. I also appreciated the clear step-by-step instructions and the timely fashion in which the CD’s were completed. I will definitely do this again! Thanks LifeOnRecord!
Cal Garcia
We used LifeOnRecord to create a CD for my Dad’s 90th birthday, and it has been absolutely wonderful. We had over 40 recordings from family and friends (even some high school friends!) across the country! Everybody enjoyed participating, and it could not have been easier for them, or for us! The staff/owner was easy to reach and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend this site for a wonderful, unique keepsake gift that will be treasured for years to come.
Janine Barnett Honda
My husband was blown away by his 80th birthday gift. Friends and relatives left countless messages that left him speechless. Soooo easy to use and I’m no techie. Great support and the finished product is something we will forever cherish. Do it for your loved one! You can’t go wrong!
Gloria and Ron Moore
My siblings and I made a CD for my Mom’s 70th. We had 60 of her friends and family leave birthday messages, laughter and tears included. She loved the gift. It was so easy, LifeOnRecord sends you what to email out and let’s you manage the recordings. Super cool gift!
Cristin McIntyre Caine
Thank you do much for making my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday so special. We had 43 family members call and share birthday greetings and memories. We ordered the silver player and it is wonderful. The beautiful keepsake storage box is great. Your helpful service was wonderful. Thank you for making this day so special!
Jan Hankinson
Frances Agati Martini

Discover the No Risk Gift the Recipient will LOVE… or It’s Free

How can we make such a promise?

Because we have a 10+ year track record of hearing how much people love LifeOnRecord.

Recipients tell us they love hearing voices of friends and family talking about their positive traits and talents.

They love capturing the voices of kids at a special time.

And we often hear that after a loved one who called in passes away, hearing their voice on the keepsake brings comfort.

We take pride in the fact that nearly everyone that purchases LifeOnRecord would purchase it again.

That’s how we can make our promise.

We know that the vast majority of the time the recipient will love their LifeOnRecord gift, but if you don’t, we’ll refund your money with no hassle or pushback.

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Got Questions? We have Answers...

Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

You can create one of the most memorable gifts in the world in as little as 1-2 days.  We've had people purchase LifeOnRecord one afternoon, email everyone (and post on Facebook) that same evening asking them to call in within the next 24 hours, and present the recordings to the recipient the very next evening. On the other hand, people that love to plan things ahead will sign-up months before an event. LifeOnRecord is flexible to your timeline. Here are some helpful tips if you are short on time:
  • You will receive your account instructions email within just a few minutes after ordering online (if you don't see it right away, make sure to check your spam or junk folder). We provide a sample communication that you can copy and paste to send to people. That communication asks others to forward the email on, so that you can cast the net wide.
  • People really don't need that much time to call in. Just make sure you give them a deadline (we give you some helpful tips in your account instructions email).
  • Even if you order a keepsake, you can deliver the recordings electronically to the recipient on the day of the event, and tell them the nice keepsake will arrive later. That way the recipient has something to play on their birthday or anniversary, and can still look forward to receiving a keepsake.
  • If the recipient lives far away you can send them a link to a special public web page just for them that has the recordings. You can label the recordings so they are meaningful (e.g. "Bob Smith's Birthday Wish"), and sequence them in a way that makes sense to make it more meaningful.
  • You can request the keepsake at any point within a year after ordering. As long as you request the keepsake by 3PM Central time, we ship it out the next business day. Keepsakes take 3-6 days to arrive with the free shipping option, although delivery time is not guaranteed.  We also have options to ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days), FedEx 2-Day, and FedEx Overnight.
LifeOnRecord is available from every country on the planet! Callers from the US, Canada, and Caribbean can call toll-free: 1-800-437-3009. Callers from outside the US, Canada, and Caribbean have six free options to contribute recordings:
  1. Use Skype - Callers can phone-in by dialing 1-800-437-3009 using Skype (this is treated as a free call in most countries). If you are in a country that does not allow free Skype calling to toll free numbers, you can instead make a free call to the Skype name "LifeOnRecord1" which will route you to the same place as the toll-free number. Note: The Skype User LifeOnRecord1 may not show as online in Skype, but you will still be able to connect to it. You may need to wait a few seconds for the connection to be made.
  2. Use one of our "local" global numbers. Callers can dial one of the local country phone numbers listed below which route directly to LifeOnRecord.
    Country If you were asked to call and leave a recording
    Argentina +54 351 568 5712
    Australia (Brisbane) +61 7 3171 3587
    Australia (Melbourne) +61 3 9008 4270
    Australia (Perth) +61 8 6555 7071
    Australia (Sydney) +61 2 8880 0488
    Austria +43 72 096 3914
    Belgium +32 78 48 03 46
    Brazil +55 (21) 4040-4374
    Canada 1 (800) 437-3009
    Caribbean 1 (800) 437-3009
    Chile +56 32 314 0886
    Colombia +57 (1) 381-9947
    Czech Republic +420 226 258 126
    Denmark +45 78 77 43 10
    Ireland +353 (76) 604 2714
    Israel +972 (2) 560 9388
    Mexico +52 (55) 4170 8548
    Netherlands +31 20 894 25 34
    New Zealand +64 9 951 5828
    Norway +47 21 98 88 46
    Peru +511 641 9276
    Poland +48 22 490 69 02
    Romania +40 (31) 810 77 18
    Spain +34 931 770 598
    South Africa +27 (10) 5001858
    Sweden +46 8-121 111 38
    Switzerland +41 22 508 71 56
    United Kingdom +44 20 3582 4356
    United States 1 (800) 437-3009
3. Have us Call You -
    We can have our system call you anywhere you are in the world (at no cost to you) so that you can leave a recording. You can do this in two easy steps:
    1. Make sure your country is correctly selected.
    2. Enter your phone number in the box, then click on the "Call" button to actually place the call. Your phone will ring after a few seconds. The caller ID may say "Toll-Free Call". Answer the phone and follow the prompts.

4. Record on your computer, smart phone or tablet and email us the recording(s). Just use the voice recorder on your iPhone, Android, or other brand and email us the recordings. We accept all major types of recording formats, and we'll automatically convert the file, label the recording with your email address, and send you an email back with the results. Just email the recording(s) to Type your invitation number in the subject line with nothing else (e.g. 12345) and press send. The recording will be automatically processed, converted, and placed in the recipient's account. You will receive an email back with a confirmation within 15 minutes.

5. Upload your recording(s) to our web siteVisit the Recording Contribution page, enter your invitation number, enter a title for recording, and upload your recording.

6. Record Live From your computer or Android phone or tablet you can record. For best quality have a headset and visit our live recording page. When you first visit the page, your web browser may ask permission to access your microphone. Please answer "Yes" or "Allow". Enter the invitation number, a recording title, and start recording!

7. Call us Long Distance Finally, you could call us long-distance. You would call us at 847-943-2021 from your country. Please note, that unlike the six options above, this is not a free option, and your local phone company may charge you long-distance charges. Although we are not affiliated, this site provides guidance on how to dial from one country to another.
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A LifeOnRecord Keepsake Speaker plays all your recordings without needing a CD player. This is a compact, (2 inch, by 2 inch, by 3 inch), stylish aluminum speaker that packs a surprisingly loud sound for such a small package. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that lasts through about 10 hours of constant playing. The speaker has controls to skip forward and back through the recordings, to pause the recordings, and to control the volume. The speaker comes in five different colors. The speaker, memory card with recorded voices, and charging cable is $35, and you will receive a 10% discount on the keepsake speaker when ordering the LifeOnRecord Ultimate plan. Shipping is free.
Yes - you can record on your computer, smart phone, or tablet and use either of the two methods below to send us a recording or song.
  1. Email us the recording(s). Just use the voice recorder on your iPhone, Android, or other brand and email us the recordings. We accept all major types of recording formats, and we'll automatically convert the file, label the recording with your email address, and send you an email back with the results.
    Email the recording(s) to
    Type your invitation number in the subject line with nothing else (e.g. 12345) and press send. The recording will be automatically processed, converted, and placed in the recipient's account. You will receive an email back with a confirmation within 15 minutes.
  2. Upload your recording(s) to our web site Visit the Recording Contribution page, enter your invitation number, enter a title for recording, and upload your recording.
For all of our products, the maximum time limit on the length of an individual message is 30 minutes. We want to encourage people to leave meaningful stories and thoughts and so there are no limits on how often people can call in, or on the total number of callers or recordings.

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