Audio Guest Book – Toasts & Tributes from Family & Friends

“I Love You Because…”
Let your guests easily share their favorite stories of you.

From your invitations, to the reception, to the thank you notes

Capture toasts, tributes, and memories from any phone to create a treasured keepsake

100% satisfaction or your money back.

A guarantee based on over 15 years of innovation in recording and saving treasured audio memories.

Why use LifeOnRecord to create your audio guest book?

Many people are comfortable just speaking from the heart, but get writer’s block when trying to write those same sentiments down – especially when standing there with pen in hand while others are watching.

You also might have some people that want to “toast” you, but can’t make it to your wedding because of illness, travel conflicts, or other reasons. You’ll want to hear their voices in years to come, even though they couldn’t be there.

With a simple phone call from anywhere, friends and family are able to express their well wishes, congratulations, and encouragement for your married life. LifeOnRecord collects the recordings and creates a unique keepsake which becomes more meaningful with the passage of time.

If you haven’t sent out your invitations yet, LifeOnRecord is an easy way to get maximum participation from your guests by giving them your LifeOnRecord phone number or QR Code. They can RSVP, and at the same time record their well-wishes and stories about time spent with you.

With the optional Premium Communication Bundle, you can print out cards with a QR Code and leave them at each place setting, include them in your wedding invitations for RSVP’s, and even include them in your thank you notes.

LifeOnRecord offers an audio guest book experience unlike any other.

In 3 easy steps, you can create a wedding memento that you will treasure for years to come.

Here’s how it works

1 – Purchase LifeOnRecord

You will receive personalized account instructions and record an introductory greeting for friends and family using our script as a guide. We can give you PDF templates for signage and an optional QR code guests can scan to dial the number.

2 – Invite callers

Send your toll-free number or QR Code to friends and family around the world by including the number in your invitations, at the wedding, and in the thank you notes. Your guests can also send voice recordings to your account page from smartphones, tablets, computers, and email.

3 – Preserve the memories

Organize the recordings in any order you prefer, and receive a virtual or physical keepsake. Enjoy the anticipation, excitement, and surprise as meaningful toasts and tributes fill the air.

Here’s why you’ll love it

Account activated in 10 minutes

Is your wedding around the corner? Within minutes after signing up you’ll have the toll-free number and guests will be able to call in.

Record anytime, anywhere

Friends and family all over the world can contribute a special memory, moment, or story 24/7 whether they are at the wedding or at home. We have lots of ways that people can contribute recordings regardless of where they live. Have people RSVP to your wedding by calling the number and capture their “toasts” at the same time.

Control your recordings

You have the ability to listen to and manage your recordings online. You can sequence, name, edit, delete, and download your recordings at any time, and stream the recordings from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Take your recordings
wherever you go

In addition to online streaming, your recordings can be kept forever inside a self-contained Keepsake Speaker with play/pause, volume, and track forward and back buttons (speaker is shown below).

Give yourself flexibility

Your account is open for a full year – so it’s for people who like to plan ahead, as well as people that just have a few days to pull everything together. People can call in before and after the wedding so that you get as much participation as possibl. As many people can call in as you like, and each person can talk for up to 30 minutes – your guests will never hear a busy signal. 

Communicate easily

We can provide PDFs of personalized signage as well as QR codes that uests to “tap to call”.

Have any questions?

for more information

5 reasons why we don’t rent vintage phones

We get it. A vintage phone seems like a unique, fun, and interactive way to involve your guests.

But we’ve listened to a lot of brides, including some that have used vintage phones, and these are the reasons a vintage phone is not the best way for you to get high-quality, meaningful recordings from the special people in your lives.

Background Noise

“Your reception is so quiet”… said no one ever. Weddings are loud. People will spread out and use up your whole space. Your guests will feel like they have to shout into the vintage phone, and the noise can make it hard to concentrate on what to say.

Guests AND the couple lack control

With a vintage phone, guests record their messages – partial hang-ups and all, and you get sent your recordings. With LifeOnRecord, guests can re-record their messages, and the couple has total control of what goes on the Keepsake Speaker you receive and what gets downloaded. You can include songs (maybe your first dance?). You’ll be able to listen to the recordings immediately, exclude any, determine the order, and even do some light editing.

Guest Confusion

Companies that rent vintage phones say that it is just like leaving a voicemail because guests talk “after the tone” or “after the beep” but it’s different from leaving a voicemail, and guests get confused..

With a vintage phone there is no introductory greeting. Guests just hear a beep, and don’t know if something else is coming. Some brides have said that many of their messages (particularly from older people) are variations of, “Nothing is happening” and “Is it working?”.

Guests feel rushed

Nobody likes the pressure of being watched as they write in a guest book, OR talking on a vintage phone that is on display. Guests, will talk longer and say more meaningful things if they are able to do it with more privacy in a comfortable environment.

Some guests are concerned about germs

Having everyone share the same vintage phone will make some of your guests uncomfortable. People would rather put their mouths up to their own phone instead of a very public one.

In contrast to a vintage phone, LifeOnRecord is an interactive experience that can extend from the time you send “save the dates”, through to the wedding, and out to when the thank you letters get mailed. Guests can be provided with a QR code that makes calling as easy as a couple of taps on their smart phone. Guests can make a recording before or after the wedding – including from the comfort of their homes. Even at the wedding they can step out or walk to a more private area and call.

Our compact, aluminum LifeOnRecord keepsake speaker play all of your recordings from a memory card stored inside.

The speaker has a rechargeable battery, high-quality sound, and controls that allow you to listen easily.

You’ll LOVE it, or your money back.

How can we make such a promise?

Because we have a 15+ year track record of hearing how much people love LifeOnRecord.

Recipients tell us they love hearing voices of friends and family – capturing their moments at a special time.

And we often hear that after a loved one who called in passes away, hearing their voice on the keepsake brings comfort.

We take pride in the fact that nearly everyone that purchases LifeOnRecord would purchase it again.

That’s how we can make our promise.

We know from experience that the vast majority of the time you will love your LifeOnRecord gift, but if you don’t, we’ll refund your money with no hassle or pushback.