Audio Guest Book – Toasts & Tributes from Family & Friends – V3

“I Love You Because…”

Captivate your guests with a unique audio guest book

Capture toasts, tributes, and memories from any phone to create a treasured keepsake

LifeOnRecord offers a one-of-a-kind audio guest book experience

Guests can call from anywhere

Unique Retro Phone Rental

Retro Candlestick Rotary Phone

Fun Communication Options

Special Keepsakes with Voices

In 6 easy steps, you can create a wedding memento that you will treasure for years to come.

1 – Purchase LifeOnRecord

Buy the service for $99 and decide if you want any of the optional add-ons like a vintage phone or physical keepsake.

2 – Record a Personal Greeting

Guests will hear your greeting when they call the toll-free number or pick-up the vintage phone.

3 – Receive your Vintage Phone.

If you ordered a Vintage Phone, you will receive it in plenty of time for your wedding.

4 – Invite Callers

Send your toll-free number or QR code to friends and family who will call in on their own phones. Guests can also email or upload messages or songs, or leave a message on the vintage phone at your wedding. All the recordings end up in your online account.

5 – Organize the Recordings

You can sequence the recordings in any order you want, edit them, and decide which ones go on your keepsake or download.

6 – Request your Keepsake

After everyone has called in, download or stream your recordings as part of your included digital keepsake, or request that we send you your Keepsake Speaker or 12-inch Vinyl Record.

The LifeOnRecord Service – Only $99

We know that many couples want to have a vintage phone at their wedding so that guests can leave messages “in the moment”.

You can get that with LifeOnRecord. But you get so much more…

The LifeOnRecord Service can stand by itself to give you everything you need for a wonderful digital audio keepsake and lets friends and family easily contribute stories and memories from any phone regardless of where they are.

When it is combined with one of our rental vintage phones, you get a supercharged experience that surpasses what you get from a company that justs rents vintage phones.

You are able to completely manage and control all the recordings that people leave for you – whether people leave those on a vintage phone, their own phone, or if they contribute one of the four other ways that is possible with the LifeOnRecord service.

Why is this important?

Your friends and family want to share their thoughts and feelings in an environment where they are comfortable. For some people that might mean leaving you a message from a vintage phone while feeding off the energy at the wedding.

But others would rather take the time to think about what they want to say and record, listen, and re-record from the quiet and comfort of their own home.

At the same time, some people that are important to you won’t be able to attend the wedding because of distance, obligations, or won’t want to use a vintage phone to limit their exposure to germs. With the LifeOnRecord service you can appeal to all your friends and family and maximize the recordings you receive.

The LifeOnRecord Service is perfect by itself. You can add one of our vintage phones to take it to the next level.

Account activated in 10 minutes

Is your wedding around the corner? Within minutes after signing up you’ll have the toll-free number and guests will be able to call in.

Take your recordings
wherever you go

In addition to online streaming and downloading, your recordings can be kept forever with one of our optional physical keepsakes.

Control your recordings

You have the ability to listen to and manage all of your recordings online. You can sequence, rename, edit, delete, and download your recordings at any time, and stream the recordings from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Record anytime, anywhere

Friends and family all over the world can contribute a special memory, moment, or story 24/7 whether they are at the wedding or at home. Your account includes phone numbers in dozens of countries. In addition to calling on their own phone or the vintage phone, people can email, upload, or even record live on our site. You can even have people RSVP to your wedding by calling the number and capture their “toasts” at the same time.

Give yourself flexibility

Your account is open for a full year – so it’s for people who like to plan ahead, as well as people that just have a few days to pull everything together. People can call in before and after the wedding so that you get as much participation as possible. As many people can call in as you like, and each person can talk for up to 30 minutes – even with the optional vintage phone. Your guests will always get through and will never hear a busy signal. 

Optional Add-Ons

Optional Add-On #1: Premium Communication Package ($87)

Personalized Web Site with one-click dialing

QR Code that leads to the web site

Optional Add-On #2: Vintage & Retro Phone Rental ($149 – $249)

You can rent a wide variety of vintage & retro phones for guests to leave recordings at your wedding.

Optional Add-On #3: Keepsake Speaker & 12-inch Vinyl to Preserve the Voices ($49 & $199)

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