How We Started

People use LifeOnRecord for different reasons and in different ways.

We (Mary & Alaa) created LifeOnRecord  in 2006 because we felt like there was a need to preserve the day-to-day stories of our family’s life. We were a busy family with four young children. Although we would take pictures, we felt that our family was really defined by their daily interactions and the resulting stories.

These poignant moments weren’t being captured, and to us they conveyed much more than a photograph or a few minutes of video taken here and there.

Alaa tried to figure out how to best preserve those stories. he would save some of the voicemails that Mary or the children left, but they were locked in the corporate voicemail system with no way to save or archive them.  So, he created a phone number that he could call during his commute to talk about the events of the day, what was important to him, stories from friends and family, what we valued, and what was to come.

We decided to offer others the opportunity to create an audio journal from anywhere, and we created something that was called, “LifeOnRecord Personal Audio Journals”.  That is now one of the many ways people use LifeOnRecord.

The idea transformed because whenever our friends and extended family got together, we noticed that much of the time was spent sharing different stories of our lives. We thought it would be meaningful in the future to hear some of these stories in the voices of the story tellers themselves.

Customers have been amazed at the power of the human voice and the way in which people express their feelings from the heart.

Voices create connections, and connections bring us meaning. Whether you’re creating that connection with yourself, or with others, our hope is that our product helps bring meaning to your life.

Mary & Alaa

What LifeOnRecord is Used For…

Picture1The graduate is ready to face the world, the coach led the team to victory, and the new parents want to hear from everyone but are too tired. LifeOnRecord is the perfect gift for any of these occasions. Family and friends want to share in the celebration – let them say congratulations in their own words, in their own voices, and let them do it right now. LifeOnRecord is perfect for:

Baby Gifts

After Anne O’Sullivan’s daughter was born, she and her husband received a gift that meant more than any baby blanket or bassinet ever could have: a LifeOnRecord CD. “To hear the voices of people we haven’t seen since our wedding blessing us and our new child was wonderful and is also something we cannot wait to share with our daughter when she gets older”.


At the baptism of Kate Marsh’s daughter, she and her husband a LifeOnRecord CD filled with the voices of their loved ones blessing the couple and their new child.

Celebrations of Life

At her husband’s funeral, Jan Smith was presented with an especially moving gift – a LifeOnRecord CD filled with the voices of her loved ones retelling special memories of her husband and wishing Jan peace and love.

Child to Grandparent Gifts

Jessica Vassar didn’t want her parents to miss a minute of her daughter’s life, but geography prevented them from seeing much of their three-year-old granddaughter. The solution: LifeOnRecord. “I call in all the time and have my daughter sing songs or tell stories. I then email the recordings to her grandparents,” Vassar says. “They love to hear her voice and I love to be able to share it with them so easily!”

Coach's Gifts

When varsity basketball coach Jim Klein said goodbye his seniors at his team’s annual award ceremony, he received a gift that was far more personal than any trophy or plaque. A LifeOnRecord CD filled with the voices, thanks and warm wishes from his graduating players and their parents truly showed Coach Klein what he had meant to his team.

Corporate Anniversaries

Tom Zengeler, owner of Zengeler Cleaners in Wauconda, Illinois, wanted to find a unique way to include his 18,000 household customers in the company’s 150th anniversary celebration. He found it with LifeOnRecord. “Callers have left a wonderful variety of special messages that range from nostalgic to humorous and everything in between,” Zengeler said. “LifeOnRecord makes it simple for our customers to call and capture some of the precious memories we have in common.”

Fraternity/Sorority Gift

On the night of graduation, Lisa Campbell wanted to present her sorority sisters with a gift far more personal that any T-shirt or paddle they had received. Her solution: LifeOnRecord CD sets, which allowed all of Campbell’s pledge sisters to share and record their favorite college memories so that they could last forever.

Get Well Gift

When Amy Monroe’s sister, Molly, was in the hospital battling breast cancer, she wanted to give her a gift that showed just how much support and love was surrounding her. But how could she get all of Molly’s friends and family in one place—especially one with limited visiting hours? The solution was simple: LifeOnRecord allowed all of Molly’s loved ones to easily record their warm wishes, which Amy downloaded to Molly’s iPod.


When John Parson graduated from high school, he received an iPod filled with congratulations, advice and warm wishes recorded by his family and friends. John was able to take some of the best pieces of home with him to college.


When Thayna Regas wanted to bring some comfort to her nephew while he was serving overseas, she found something much better than cookies or a postcard: LifeOnRecord recordings sent via email. “LifeOnRecord was the perfect way to send all of our loving thoughts to my nephew who is serving in Iraq. The voices from home were exactly what he needs to hear!” Regas said.


When George Baker decided to retire after 30 years rising through the ranks of the Johnson Company, he received a gift far more personal than any watch or plaque. A LifeOnRecord CD filled with the voices, thanks and warm wishes from his employees past and present truly showed George what he had meant to his company and its people.


When planning his 20-year high-school reunion, Michael Sharp wanted to offer his class a takeaway gift that kept them close until their 30th. LifeOnRecord became the perfect solution. Sharp asked his classmates to call into LifeOnRecord to record their favorite high school memories, then he burned the digital files onto CDs to pass out at the event. End result: Some very excited reunion goers.

Teacher Gift

When Milwaukee, Wisconsin teacher Monica Shuman said goodbye to her class last year, she received a gift that was far more personal than any apple: a LifeOnRecord CD. “I love it! It is such a special and unique gift. I have listened to it a number of times, and all the other teachers are jealous,” Shuman said.

Wedding Audio Guestbook

Recent bride Lauren Ferenec wrote to us and said, “We used LifeOnRecord for our wedding! It was so easy to set up and use. It was personal and as a speech language pathologist, I was excited to have the opportunity to have something with our guests voice. Excited to have this tool to remember many parts of our wedding day. This is also a germ free way that guests could still participate without getting paranoid of getting sick. I would recommend getting LifeOnRecord for your audio guestbook!”