Surprisingly Affordable Options for a Priceless Experience

Our pricing is the same regardless of whether you are using LifeOnRecord as a Wedding Audio Guest Book, or whether you are presenting it as a gift for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or some other milestone event.

LifeOnRecord Service: $149 $99

This gives you everything you need to collect meaningful recordings. Friends and family will call a toll-free number and easily contribute stories and memories regardless of where they are and you can manage and listen to those recordings conveniently from anywhere. Whether people call in from their own phones, or you rent one of our vintage phones, you can control exactly how the recordings end up on your digital or physical keepsake.

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Flexibility & Security

  • Account is open for a full year.
  • Recordings automatically archived after one year. We can recover them in case you lose them.

Recording options

  • A toll-free number good in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.
  • Local numbers in dozens of other countries that route to your account.
  • The ability for you to record an introductory greeting for callers. 
  • The ability for contributors to email in recordings or songs, record live on our site, and upload recordings directly to your account. We handle all the file conversions and other complicated stuff so you don’t have to.

Recording Management Tools

  • Sequence your recordings (choose what goes first, second, etc.).
  • Put items in the trash so they don’t appear in the final product (with the ability to revert). 
  • Edit recordings (trim, amplify volume, etc.).

Listening Options

Even if you don’t choose an optional physical keepsake, you will be able to:

  • Stream the recordings from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Download the recordings individually or all at once.
  • Get notified by email as each recording is left, and play the recordings from your email.

Optional: Premium Communication Bundle: $124 $87

This optional bundle includes tools to more effectively communicate the simple dialing instructions to friends & family.

We will provide you with a QR code that goes to a personalized web page with one-click dialing. The web page will have a welcome message from you, and friends and family won’t need to dial the number themselves – they can just tap on their phones, their phones will dial, and they will hear your introductory greeting.

We also provide you with personalized signage PDF’s that you can print out and display at your wedding or event.

Optional: Vintage or Retro Phone Rental: $374 $249 – $299

Our vintage phone will add a nostalgic touch to your event. Use it to create a vignette where guests can stop for a moment to leave messages of love and congratulations. All they need to do is pick up the handset, listen to your introductory greeting, and leave their message. The phone is shipped with a battery pack which should last a minimum of 12 hours of operation. Round trip shipping is included, and your recordings are copied into your online account so you can easily manage and download them if you’d like.

Optional: Keepsake Speaker: $69 $49

This compact & stylish aluminum speaker packs a surprisingly loud sound for such a small package. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery. The speaker has controls to skip forward and back through the recordings, to pause, and to control the volume. The speaker comes in five different colors. Shipping is free.

Optional: Vinyl Record: $249 $199

For an even more classic retro vibe set your needle down and play your recordings on vinyl. Your personalized album is an expertly create lathe-pressed record with a personalized jacket cover. Use your LifeOnRecord account to upload a song or two to bookend your recordings. Note that lathe-pressed records are a throwback to analog, and a re different from mass-produced pressed vinyl. They will sound good, but you shouldn’t expect the same sound quality from songs you have heard a million times on streaming services that were originally mastered for digital

Our Over-The-Top Guarantee

You will LOVE LifeOnRecord, or your money back.

How can we make such a promise?

Because we have a 15+ year track record of hearing how much people love our service and product.

Recipients tell us they love hearing voices of friends and family talking about their positive traits and talents.

They love capturing the voices of kids at a special time.

And we often hear that after a loved one who called in passes away, hearing their voice on the keepsake brings comfort.

We take pride in the fact that nearly everyone that purchases LifeOnRecord would purchase it again.

That’s how we can make our promise.

We know that the vast majority of the time the recipient will love their LifeOnRecord gift, but if you don’t, we’ll refund your money with no hassle or pushback.