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Are you a wedding or event planner, lifestyle blogger, or any other event professional or influencer who loves the idea of LifeOnRecord? LifeOnRecord is a very unique service your audience will want to know about.

We know that you are very discerning when it comes to partners, and so are we.

We know that if you are going to recommend or use a partner, it is far more culture, values and trust than it is about money.

We know that if a partnership is a good match, you’d be OK with recommending LifeOnRecord without getting paid because you like what our company does. It’s just that the money makes it economically sensible.

You’ll find that we are an excellent partner to recommend (when otherwise it may not warrant consuming the bandwidth or risking the trust).

You and LifeOnRecord will make excellent partners because:

  • We are a family-owned company who have been creating treasured audio-keepsakes since 2006.
  • We have OCD around stellar customer-service. We strive to return phone calls and emails within two business hours.
  • We allow friends and family to submit audio recordings in the way they feel most comfortable, which increases the number of messages recipients receive. Contribution methods include calling in from the United States and Canada and dozens of other countries, uploading recordings, emailing recordings live on our web site, recording over Skype, calling from a physical phone at the event, etc.
  • We provide flexibility by keeping online accounts open for a full-year. Calls can be made during that time, and recordings can be fully managed.
  • We archive recordings into long-term storage at no additional cost in case the recipient ever loses them.
  • We have multiple digital options to listen and download recordings included with out standard service, as well as optional physical keepsake options.

By signing up for our affiliate program, you will receive a special link that you can post in an email newsletter, on social media, in a blog, etc. and you can earn a 10% commission for each person that signs up through your link.

If you have a physical store, we can send you a QR code that you can place on a sign. You will earn a commission for customers scanning that code who then purchase.

We pay commissions on the first day of each month via PayPal.

We have a 90-day cookie. That means that from a tracking standpoint, we give people 90 days to sign-up after clicking your link.

We have thousands of satisfied customers, hundreds of customer reviews, and stellar customer service.

Your audience will appreciate hearing about LifeOnRecord.

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