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Those Weekend Golf Guys

Welcome Those Weekend Golf Guys Listeners!

Thanks for checking out LifeOnRecord – they are providing the Listener call-in line for us.We want to hear your comments on the show and your questions for Jeff. So ask and then listen for his answer live on the air!

– John Ashton

P.S. If you’d like tips about what to say, please visit the Caller Tips page.


Instructions on how to make a recording

Here’s how to record your message:

1) If you are in the US, Canada, or Carribbean, call 1-800-437-3009.
2) When prompted, enter your Invitation Number: 36499.
3) Record your message after the tone. When finished you can either hang up or press the # key. If you press the # key you’ll be given options to listen to your recording, accept your recording, or re-record it.


Alternative Ways of Contributing a Recording

Instead of calling in, you can also record a voice memo on your smart phone, upload a recording, or record live audio. You can also call-in if you are outside of the US, Canada, or Caribbean. You can read about the 6 ways of contributing a recording here.


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