For your wedding, easily capture well-wishes and memories from loved ones. Preserve their stories from any phone, and create a treasured keepsake.

With a simple, toll-free phone call, friends and family are able to express their well wishes, congratulations, encouragement, and advice for married life. LifeOnRecord collects the recordings and creates a unique group voice journal which becomes more meaningful with the passage of time.

Benefits of using LifeOnRecord for your wedding

For your guests

  • It’s easy – It’s like an audio wedding guest book – Your guests dial a phone number and start talking – it doesn’t get much simpler than that!|
  • It’s flexible and private – Guests can call from anywhere, at anytime, without the pressure of other people watching. If they don’t like what they said, they can erase it and try again.
  • Distance doesn’t matter – People who live far away or can’t make it to the wedding can still be involved. It’s perfect for destination weddings.


For the wedding couple

  • It’s powerful – Uniquely captures emotion, thoughts, and feelings around the wedding that are otherwise lost.
  • Can save you money – Some couples ask their guests to RSVP in a creative way by using the LifeOnRecord phone number, and at the same time leave a story. It’s fun and interactive for your guests, it’s environmentally friendly, and it saves you the cost of reply cards, envelopes and return postage.
  • Many listening options – Manage and play your recordings through the web, through iTunes™, an MP3 player, or on a CD or Keepsake Speaker. If you want you can receive automatic email notifications with attached sound files when guests leave you a message, or keep things a mystery until the end. The choice is yours.