Wedding Audio Guest Book Reception Ideas

We asked some of our brides how they incorporated LifeOnRecord into their reception. This is what they said…

I had business sized cards made at Vista Print and had them at every place setting.  I didn’t have the time, but this can be made on one’s home computer. I made tons of them, and now adding one to each thank you card to remind people to leave a message.  This is the front and back  of the card

Hi! We have a hand drawn sign at the table with the seating chart and card box asking guests to leave us a message, and listing all the details. We also ordered business cards through Vistaprint with the information and will have one at each guest’s seat! 

We’re incorporating LifeOnRecord in multiple ways for our wedding. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Before the wedding:
    • Much of my family is abroad and cannot make it to the wedding; others are restricted from attending due to COVID-19. We therefore sent out 2 different emails about a month before the event: one for people who RSVP’ed that they will be attending, containing details of our ‘Voicemail Guestbook’ along with travel recommendations and other details that might help with their trip. Another to people who we knew were not attending, to let them know that even though they couldn’t make it, we still wanted to celebrate this occasion with them and inviting them to leave us some love on our ‘Voicemail Guestbook’.
  • During the wedding (which will be in 2 weeks): At the wedding itself we will have …
    • Calling cards at every place setting. These will be business card sized and on one side, will say “Sign our guestbook” with the word ‘Sign’ crossed out and the word ‘Call’ handwritten on top of it. On the other side will be our US LifeOnRecord number. (I’m not trying to make it a reference to Squid Games but if some people think it is, I’m not mad. Since this may not be to other couples’ taste, they could work on the design to make it is visually distinct.)
    • Makeshift ‘phonebooth’. Our venue has a hallway leading to the restrooms which will be slightly quieter as it is away from the speakers. I suspect this will be the best place for people to make calls with less background noise, so we are setting up a belly bar table in that hallway there, along with a room divider with a ‘Phonebooth’ sign. There will be a tabletop sign on the table with the full instructions for leaving a LifeOnRecord message, as well as a miniature London-style phonebooth for decor (it makes sense for our wedding because my fiance and I met in England). In my mind, this takes the place of the physical vintage phone that other companies are offering.
  • After the wedding:
    • We will be sending a thank you email to everyone who attended the wedding and include a reminder to leave a message if they haven’t yet (and even if they have!). We will also be sending an email to everyone to wasn’t able to attend, reminding them that we would love to commemorate their remote celebration with us by way of the phone line.

Our wedding is still 2 weeks out hence and I still need to make the items that will be used at the wedding itself hence I’m unfortunately not able to share photos at this time. I wouldn’t mind doing so after the fact if it would still be helpful. Thank you for providing this service and let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!


We printed the invite on cards and signs and displayed with a little record player as we plan to have the audio transferred to vinyl. We also included the cards in thank you notes afterward to get others who forgot. 

Hi! We put a sign on the welcome table with the phone number and “leave a message for the bride and groom” and then also put it on the back all of the place cards. 

Some people still forgot to leave a message, so we also sent an email out after. 

Hope that helps!


We had a welcome table and put the sign next to our card box. We also sent out a message to everyone via text with a reminder to send in messages. I also recommend that they have their DJ say a few reminders during the night for people to do it.


Hello! We had a little set up, but I would suggest the bride to have the DJ make an announcement a few times throughout the night either listing the phone number or to head to the table that has the info for them to call in. If you can get guests to call in that night she will have more responses. Thanks and have a good day!