Can I accidentally delete my recordings by using iTunes?

No. Your recordings are stored on our server, and nothing you do in iTunes can permanently delete the recordings from our server. In addition, to give you maximum piece of mind you can’t even delete your recordings from your account page. You can move a recording to the trash to exclude a recording, but you can always remove it from the trash = you can’t permanently delete a recording from our servers. Even if you go into iTunes on your computer and delete your copy of the recordings, you can just re-download the recordings to iTunes. To do that, follow these two steps:

  1. If you deleted your recording from the Playlist section, re-drag the recording(s) from the podcast into the playlist.
  2. If you deleted your recording from the Podcast, collapse the Podcast (click on the triangle to the left of the invitation number and then hold down the <Shift> key and click on the triangle again. Your deleted recordings will re-download.