This ORGANIZED Life Podcast

Welcome This Organized Life Fans!

Thanks for checking out LifeOnRecord – they are providing the Listener call-in line for us. We really appreciate their support of the show. We are looking forward to hearing your recorded messages. When you record your message please answer the following questions:

1. What is your name & where are you calling from?

2. What was your favorite episode of TOL? And why?

3. Is there a guest you would like to have back on the show? And why?

4. What topics would you like us to discuss in future episodes?

5. Who would like to be interviewed on TOL?

6. What do you love most about our podcast?

xoxo- Laurie

How to Leave a Recording

LifeOnRecord is available from every country on the planet, and you have many ways to contribute recordings to the This ORGANIZED Life Podcast.

Callers from the US, Canada, and Caribbean can call toll-free: 1-800-509-8171.

If you are outside of those countries, or if you prefer to use a voice recorder, read below for other ways you can contribute recordings:

  1. Record on your computer, smart phone or tablet and email us the recording(s).
    Just use the voice recorder on your iPhone, Android, or other brand and email us the recordings. We accept all major types of recording formats, and we’ll automatically convert the file, label the recording with your email address, and send you an email back with the results. Email the recording(s) to
    Type 78562 in the subject line with nothing else and press send. The recording will be automatically processed, converted, and placed in the our account. You will receive an email back with a confirmation within 15 minutes.
  2. Upload your recording(s) to our web site
    Visit the Recording Contribution page, enter 78562 for the invitation number, enter a title for recording, and upload your recording.
  3. Record Live
    You can make a live recording from your computer or Android phone or tablet (you cannot record live from an iPhone or iPad). For best quality use a headset, and then visit our live recording page. When you first visit the page, your web browser may ask permission to access your microphone. Please answer “Yes” or “Allow”. Enter 78562 for the invitation number, a recording title, and start recording!
  4. Use Skype – Callers can phone-in by dialing 1-877-323-3239 using Skype (this is treated as a free call in most countries). When prompted, enter invitation number 78562. If you are in a country that does not allow free Skype calling to toll free numbers, you can instead make a free call to the Skype name “LifeOnRecord1” which will route you to the same place as the toll-free number. Note: The Skype User LifeOnRecord1 may not show as online in Skype, but you will still be able to connect to it. You may need to wait a few seconds for the connection to be made.
  5. Have us Call You
    We can have our system call you anywhere you are in the world (at no cost to you) so that you can leave a recording. You can do this in two easy steps:

    1. Make sure your country is correctly selected.
    2. Enter your phone number in the box, then click on the “Call” button to actually place the call. Your phone will ring after a few seconds. The caller ID may say “Toll-Free Call”. Answer the phone and follow the prompts. When asked for the invitation number enter 78562.
  6. Use one of our “local” global numbers. Callers can dial one of the local country phone numbers listed below which route directly to LifeOnRecord. Enter 78562 for the invitation number.
    Country If you were asked to call and leave a recording
    Argentina +54 351 568 5712
    Australia (Brisbane) +61 7 3171 3587
    Australia (Perth) +61 8 6555 7071
    Australia (Sydney) + 61 2 8880 0488
    Austria +43 72 096 3914
    Belgium +32 78 48 03 46
    Brazil +55 (21) 4040-4374
    Canada 1 (800) 437-3009
    Caribbean 1 (800) 437-3009
    Chile +56 32 314 0886
    Colombia +57 (1) 381-9947
    Czech Republic +420 226 258 126
    Denmark +45 78 77 43 10
    Ireland +353 (76) 604 2714
    Israel +972 (2) 560 9388
    Mexico +52 (55) 4170 8548
    Netherlands +31 20 894 25 34
    New Zealand +64 9 951 5828
    Norway +47 21 98 88 46
    Peru +511 641 9276
    Poland +48 22 490 69 02
    Romania +40 (31) 810 77 18
    Spain +34 931 770 598
    South Africa +27 (10) 5001858
    Sweden +46 8-121 111 38
    Switzerland +41 22 508 71 56
    United Kingdom +44 20 3582 4356
    United States 1 (800) 437-3009