Can I include a song or a recording from a voice recorder?

Yes – you can record on your computer, smart phone, or tablet and use either of the two methods below to send us a recording or song.

  1. Email us the recording(s).
    Just use the voice recorder on your iPhone, Android, or other brand and email us the recordings. We accept all major types of recording formats, and we’ll automatically convert the file, label the recording with your email address, and send you an email back with the results.
    Email the recording(s) to
    Type your invitation number in the subject line with nothing else (e.g. 12345) and press send. The recording will be automatically processed, converted, and placed in the recipient’s account. You will receive an email back with a confirmation within 15 minutes.
  2. Upload your recording(s) to our web site
    Visit the Recording Contribution page, enter your invitation number, enter a title for recording, and upload your recording.