What countries is LifeOnRecord available in?

We upgraded the LifeOnRecord system on October 1st, 2016 and how you call from other countries and contribute recordings differs depending on what your invitation number starts with.

What does your invitation number begin with?

Starts with a “1”

Starts with a “3”


What are the benefits of LifeOnRecord?

Why do recipients love LifeOnRecord?  Wouldn’t you enjoy listening to recording after recording of people telling you how great you are, and their favorite memories of you? But the benefits go beyond being a terrific present for the recipient.

Benefits For Friends & Family of the Recipient

  • Friends and Family like using it – People want to convey their well-wishes and LifeOnRecord gives them a simple and easy way to do that, and they feel honored to be asked.
  • It’s simple – Your guests just dial a phone and talk!
  • It’s fast and convenient – Many people are more likely to tell a meaningful story than write one in a scrapbook or card.
  • Contribute from anywhere, anytime – Callers phone in at their convenience, whether that’s at 2PM or 2AM, and it’s perfect for those that can’t physically be there.

Benefits For the coordinator:

  • It’s easy to keep the surprise – LifeOnRecord makes it easy for people to collaborate and call in without the guest of honor suspecting a thing.
  • Flexible. You can give the gift of stories and well-wishes by having the recipient listen to them over the internet, through iTunes, or save them to their MP3 player or play them on a CD.
  • A back-to-basics present – Who needs another knick knack to clutter things up? LifeOnRecord is a great way of letting the guest of honor know how much people care for them. LifeOnRecord lets people express emotion, thoughts, and feelings that might otherwise go unsaid.


Is there a time limit on the length of a message?

For all of our products, the maximum time limit on the length of an individual message is 30 minutes. We want to encourage people to leave meaningful stories and thoughts and so there are no limits on how often people can call in, or on the total number of callers or recordings.


Tell me about the Keepsake Speakers



A LifeOnRecord Keepsake Speaker plays all your recordings without needing a CD player.

This is a compact, (2 inch, by 2 inch, by 3 inch), stylish aluminum speaker that packs a surprisingly loud sound for such a small package. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that lasts through about 10 hours of constant playing.

The speaker has controls to skip forward and back through the recordings, to pause the recordings, and to control the volume. The speaker comes in five different colors. You will choose the color at the point when people have called in and you are ready for us to send you your speaker.

The speaker, memory card with recorded voices, and charging cable is $34.99. Shipping is free.



Tell me about the audio discs

To keep the pricing simple and straightforward, we charge you the same amount regardless of the number of discs it takes to fit your recordings. A personalized message is printed directly onto the CD face (there is no sticker). We use a premium printing process that gives your CDs a durable, waterproof, glossy finish.

Each set of CDs we send to you is packaged in a hinged, metal case which protects the CD. A clear plastic window in the case allows viewing of the CD title.

The CD media we choose is of the highest quality and conforms to the specifications for durable, long lasting archives. Accelerated aging tests from the manufacturer guarantee storage for more than 100 years.

Birthday Gift

CD-Example-PurpleCD-Example-Green CD-Example-OrangeCD-Example-GreyCD-Example-BlueCD-Example-Teal

 You can choose your CD background, and the personalization. You can write as little or as much on the CD as you’d like – We auto-size the font to make sure everything fits. The CDs have a small barcode on the right which can be read by many smartphones so if the CD is lost, the recipient can be identified by the bar code. The bar code also aids in the quality control process when we create the CD set.


When will my CDs be created and mailed?

The CDs are created at your request, and are typically shipped out the next business day (M-F).

Shipping time is based on the shipping method you select. Prior to requesting the CDs make sure that you’ve used the web site to indicate the order of the CDs and to exclude any recordings that you don’t want to appear on the CD. The default order oldest to newest (the first call is the first recording on the CD, and the last call is the last recording), but on the web site, you can sequence the recordings in any way you want.


When should I sign-up?

You have nothing to lose by signing up early. The number and web site will become active minutes after you sign up for the service, and your account will expire after one year, at which point callers will no longer be able to leave messages and you will not be able to play your recordings from the web site or download them into iTunes.

The order in which things happen are:

  1. You sign-up for your LifeOnRecord account and receive your account information.
  2. Using your phone, you record your personal greeting (what your guests hear when they call in).
  3. You communicate your LifeOnRecord telephone number and invitation number to callers.
  4. Everybody calls in.
  5. You notify us that you would like your CDs created.
  6. Your account stays open for 1 year after your sign-up date.


Are there any restrictions on the toll-free number?

The US toll-free number is not accessible from countries outside the United States and Canada, but it is accessible for callers in other countries that use Skype (as a free call).

Callers can also phone-in from other countries by dialing 847-943-2021, but they will pay a long distance charge to their local phone company. The 847-943-2021 number is a local “land line” Illinois phone number that routes directly to the LifeOnRecord service. It can be called from another country just like any other US telephone number as long as the applicable US Country codes are dialed as well.

We are not affiliated with this web site, but here is a tool that will let you determine what the US dialing codes are from another country.


Pricing & Shipping

What is your pricing?

A surprisingly affordable price, for a priceless anniversarybirthdaywedding… or any other special occasion!

We want you to have the opportunity to be able to give this gift to someone special, so we have reduced the basic price from $89.99 to $49.99.

The LifeOnRecord service itself costs $89.99 $49.99 (Limited Time Special Offer). For that price you receive a toll-free number for family and friends to leave messages for the event, the ability to play and monitor the recordings online, and the ability to make CDs using iTunes. For the $49.99 fixed price:

  • As many people can call in as you want, and each person can record a message that is up to 30 minutes in length. Callers can even leave multiple messages! There are no limits on the number of calls you receive.
  • The toll-free number is active within a few minutes after you sign-up, and expires after one year. You can download your recordings, and make or request CDs at any point in time. Everything is under your control.
  • You will be able to monitor and play the recordings on our web site, and download individual recordings. With the included iTunes integration, you can easily make entire CDs, with the “tracks” you desire, in the sequence you want.


What are your shipping charges and shipping times?

When you are ready for us to create your CD, just fill out the CD request form.  If the form is completed by 3PM Central time, we will create your CD, print your desired personalization on it, and ship your package the next business day. For speakers, just send us an email with your desired color (Black, Blue, Pink, Silver, or Green) by 3PM Central time and we will ship your package the next business day.

If the form is filled out on Sunday by 3PM Central time,  the CD set will be mailed on Monday. After that point, shipping time is determined by your chosen shipping method.

Standard shipping (USPS First Class Mail) is free.  Shipping via USPS First Class Mail generally takes 3-5 days transit time in the US, but there is no guaranteed delivery timeframe with First Class mail. Deliveries to countries outside the United States, including Canada will take longer than 3-5 days.

You can also upgrade to FedEx 2-Day or Next Day Service. In the US, upgrading to FedEx 2-Day Service will cost $18.00, and upgrading to Next Day service will cost $24.50. FedEx deliveries are Monday through Friday, and FedEx pickups from our production plant also only happen Monday through Friday.  FedEx Next Day Service may take longer than one day if the shipment is going outside the US.

If you are shipping something via FedEx Next Day Service and you wish to receive it on the weekend, you should fill out the CD Request form (or send us an email for the speaker) by Wednesday at 3PM, and it will be shipped on Thursday, to arrive on Friday.


Can I upgrade my shipping at a later date?

Yes, if you originally purchased standard shipping, you can follow this link to upgrade your shipping. The upgrade price takes into account the price you paid for standard shipping.


What is your refund policy?

Your peace of mind is important to us, and we have a simple and straightforward refund policy with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you don’t think your purchase of LifeOnRecord was worth it, we’ll refund your money.

You can cancel at any time and receive a full refund


Downloading my recordings and making a CD with iTunes

If I download my recordings using iTunes, can I still have you make a CD for me as well?

Yes. Every LifeOnRecord package includes the ability to make your own CD using iTunes. You can download recordings into iTunes at any time you want, and not interfere with our ability to make your CD.


How do I make a CD with iTunes?

Downloading your recordings into iTunes and making a CD Set.

Instructional Video.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1) On the My Recording Page, if you don’t already have iTunes installed on your Windows computer, click on the “Install iTunes” link (Tip #1). That will download iTunes to your computer and prompt you to install it.


2) After iTunes is installed (or if you already have it installed), click on the “download all your recordings” link .


3) iTunes will automatically launch on your computer.  After iTunes comes up (it may take a minute or two)…

1) Make sure the Podcasts icon is highlighted (you may need to click on the icon with the three dots first, and then select “Podcasts”)
2) Click on the “Podcasts” choice on the left to make sure it is highlighted.
3) Click on the word “Playlists” towards the top-middle of the screen.


4) Right-Click (or if you are on a Macintosh Control-Click) on the Podcast (it will have your invitation number and recipient name) and choose “Download All”.


5) After all the recordings are downloaded, left click your mouse button, and drag the Podcast to the left part of the screen so it is in the left pane.


6) Left-click on the new Playlist so it is highlighted.  All your recordings will appear in the middle pane.


7) If you’d like to delete a recording from appearing on the CD, just click on it when you’re in the playlist, and press the <Delete> key.

8) Drag the recordings so they are in the order that you’d like on the CD.

9) Right-click (or if you are on a Macintosh Control-Click) on the playlist name on the left side, and choose “Burn Playlist to Disc”.


10) Choose the “Audio CD” option, 2 second gap, and check the “Use Sound Check” and “Include CD Text” options. Then click on the Burn button.



Can I accidentally delete my recordings by using iTunes?

No. Your recordings are stored on our server, and nothing you do in iTunes can permanently delete the recordings from our server. In addition, to give you maximum piece of mind you can’t even delete your recordings from your “My Recordings” web page. You can choose to exclude a recording from appearing on your CD, but you can’t permanently delete a recording from our servers. Even if you go into iTunes on your computer and delete your copy of the recordings, you can just re-download the recordings to iTunes. To do that, follow these two steps:

  1. If you deleted your recording from the Playlist section, re-drag the recording(s) from the podcast into the playlist.
  2. If you deleted your recording from the Podcast, collapse the Podcast (click on the triangle to the left of the words “Recordings for…”) and then hold down the <Shift> key and click on the triangle again. Your deleted recordings will re-download.


Advanced iTunes Tips

  • If you categorized your recordings into folders in your “My Recordings” page, you can display those same folders in iTunes as a reference. Here’s how you do that:
    1. In iTunes after creating your playlist, right-click (or if you are on a Macintosh Control-Click) on the area that has the column headings (Name, Time, Artist, etc.). From the list that appears, choose “Description”.
    2. Your LifeOnRecord folders will now display next to the recordings. You can reference the folders to decide how to sort the recordings, or what to delete.
  • To automatically sort your recordings by the folder, and then within each folder by date follow these steps:
    1. In iTunes after creating your playlist, right-click (or if you are on a Macintosh Control-Click) on the area that has the column headings (Name, Time, Artist, etc.).
    2. From the list that appears, choose “Description”. You can click on the new “Description” column heading to sort on it. Your recordings will be sequenced by the folders, “First”, “Group 1” through “Group 50”, “INBOX”, then “Last”. Within each folder your recordings will be sequenced from oldest to newest.
  • If you are using Microsoft Windows, and you want to access the recordings directly to incorporate then into a video or slide show, the recordings are stored in the My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Podcasts directory.


How do I download and play my recordings directly to an iPad or iPhone?

If you create a Playlist in iTunes of your recordings and sync your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to iTunes, your recordings will be accessible on your iOS device after syncing.  Otherwise, you can access your recordings directly on your iOS device by following the instructions below:

  1. Open the Podcasts App on your iOS device. If necessary, you may need to install it from the App store (it’s free).
  2. On your iOS device, login to the My Recordings page  and click the “subscribe to the podcast” link found under Tip #2. If you get a warning message about a “Possible “Phishing Site”, just tap on “Ignore this Warning” – You are clicking the link from behind a password protected site, so you are safe.
  3. You will get a box asking if you’d like to subscribe to the podcast. Tap on “Subscribe”
  4. It may take a minute or two, but you should see that a podcast was added with the recipient’s name. Tap on that, and then tap on “add Old Episodes”.
  5. Click on the circle to the left of each recording so that a checkmark appears, then click on the “Add” button in the top-right.
  6. All the recordings will download. When complete, tapping on one of the recordings will make it play.


LifeOnRecord Tips and Tricks

How do I exclude the recipient from a Facebook posting?

Facebook is a great way of spreading the word to callers, but LifeOnRecord is usually given as a surprise, so how do you post on Facebook without the recipient (your Facebook friend) seeing the post? It’s easy:

  1. On the post click the “Public” button and choose “More Options”.
  2. Choose “Custom”.
  3. In the box that comes up, under “Don’t share with”, type in the recipient’s name.



What do callers hear when they dial the toll-free number?

They will hear a short introduction letting them know their comments will be recorded as part of the LifeOnRecord service. Then they will hear a personalized greeting from you, in your own words, asking them to share their favorite jokes, memories, stories – whatever you want. The personalized greeting is usually recorded by:

For LifeOnRecord Events

  • The party planner for events like anniversaries, retirements, birthdays and reunions.
  • The parents of the teenager going through a confirmation, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or graduation.
  • A friend or loved one for a funeral or on behalf of someone who is sick.

For LifeOnRecord Weddings

  • The bride and/or groom.
  • The best man and/or maid of honor.
  • The parents of the bride or groom.

Those are general guidelines, but the choice is yours.


What are some tips to ensure we get as many people to call as possible?

  1. Communicate the phone number in your save the date letters and invitations. Make sure to tell people to call in even if they can’t attend the event itself.
  2. Make sure you give people a deadline.
  3. You may want to communicate a “fake” deadline. You or someone else can monitor the web site to see who has called, and when the first deadline passes, gently remind people that they have another day or two.
  4. At the actual event, have someone make an announcement that the lines will “stay open” for the next few days, and people can call in again if they would like to share more stories about the event itself. You can also have place cards that remind people to call the number, or ask them to call the number again.
  5. If you are throwing an event where you don’t want people to bring presents, you can write in the invitation, “in lieu of gifts, please share your favorite story or memory with ____ by calling….”

When communicating deadlines, keep in mind that if you are having LifeOnRecord create CDs, we ship out CDs the next business day, but the guest of honor can listen to their recordings over the internet at anytime.


What should we say in our personal greeting?

This is a sample greeting that you can use “as is” or modify:

We’re putting together a keepsake CD for <Name> that contains stories and messages from family and friends to celebrate <Occasion>.  Please share a quality, trait, or talent of his/hers that you admire, a favorite story or memory you have of <Name>, or why you think he/she is special. If you’d like some inspiration you can go to www.LifeOnRecord.com and click on the “callers tips” link in the top right of the page. You will have up to 30 minutes to leave your recording and you can call as often as you want.

If you like, you can also be very specific with your callers and tell them the kind of message you want them to leave. Some examples are:

Weddings & Anniversaries

  • “We’d like you to share your favorite story about the couple.
  • “What do you think the couple will be doing in 10, 20, and 30 years from now.”
  • “Is there a song that you think the couple reminds you of?

Birthdays, Graduations, Mitzvah’s

  • “What was your most memorable moment with <Name> over the past year.”
  • (Reunion) “What is your favorite story of your time at high school/College?”
  • “What private joke or song do the two of you share?”
  • “What did <Name?> do in the past that most impressed you.”
  • “For his Bar Mitzvah, please tell name what you think it means to be a man in the Jewish tradition.”
  • “What do you think is the favorite quality of name and why do you value that?

Baby Shower, New Baby, 100 Wishes

  • Please tell <Parents> your favorite nugget of parenting care advice”.
  • “What is your wish for the new baby”?


Are there limits on how often we or our callers can call in?

No. They can call as often and talk as long as you want. We want to make this simple for you, and we want you and your callers to use the service as much as you want to record thoughts and memories.


Security & Privacy

Are my recordings private?

Your privacy is our top concern, and we employ measures to ensure your information remains confidential.

  • Your recordings are stored on servers in a secure environment with locked doors, surveillance cameras, and electronic monitoring. We employ encryption and password protection. The web site which you access requires a User ID and password, and the files are streamed to you over an encrypted connection.
  • Nobody at LifeOnRecord will listen to your recordings without your consent. The process to create audio discs and Keepsake Speakers is automated and listening to your recordings is not required or done. We will only listen to a recorded message if it’s in the context of a specific support question you have or if we have reason to believe the terms of service are being violated.
  • Neither your recordings or your other information is made available to third-parties. The only exception is that your name, address, etc. is transmitted to our credit card processors for the purposes of making payment.
  • Although you can login via your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) that is only to ease ID and Password management (so you don’t have to remember another ID and Password). We do not post anything to your social media accounts.
  • We will occasionally look at customers call logs if there is unusual activity to ensure that the terms of service aren’t being violated. Customer call logs consist of caller ID information and call duration – they do not consist of call recordings.

We take steps on our side to ensure your privacy, but we also want you to know that there are two areas that are under your control where you need to be cautious:

  1. Once files are downloaded to your computer, unless you take further measures, they are accessible by anyone that uses your computer.
  2. If you make yourself a CD, or have us send you a CD or Keepsake Speaker in the mail, you should secure it properly since anyone that has access to the CD can listen to it.


Will you try and market your services to my callers?

We know that you want this be convenient for your callers, and you are concerned about anyone soliciting them.

We do not call, postal mail, or email your callers unless you actively request that we do.

We do not sell or give your information to other companies, except in direct connection with supplying the LifeOnRecord service (e.g. we need to pass your payment information to our credit card processor). Nobody connected with LifeOnRecord will solicit you, or sell or give away your email addresses.