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How do I use the My Account Page to manage my recordings?

The My Recordings page allows you to rename, sequence, edit, upload, and download your recordings.  The page is straightforward to use, but in the interest of completeness, here is a listing of everything the page offers:

  1. An iTunes link to your recordings – This is only if you want to use iTunes to save all your recordings to your computer and optionally to make a CD.  You do not have to use this link if you purchased a keepsake from us, as we will be creating the keepsake on our end. Clicking on the link will download the recordings into iTunes as a podcast. From there, you can create a playlist of the recordings, make a CD, etc. Here are step-by-step instructions of how to bring your recordings into iTunes.
  2. A podcast link to your recordings – This is an alternate way to listen to the recordings. Clicking on this link on a computer, phone, or tablet will play the recordings using a Podcast App or program. Your default podcasts app or program on your Apple or Android phone or tablet will come up, and depending on the App you will be prompted to download or play the recordings.
  3. A link to a public playlist page with your recordings – This is a web page link that you can copy and paste and send to the recipient, or even callers so they can easily listen to their recordings. The recordings will play in the sequence that you arranged the recordings in, and anything in the trash will not be visible to the listener. Above the link itself is the Playlist Page Visibility setting.  If you turn it “on”, the Playlist is visible to anyone you give the link to and if you turn it off, the Playlist page will no longer be active.
  4. Upload capability – Do you have a song or saved recording on your computer that you want to include? You can upload the recording to your account by 1) Typing a title for the recording, clicking “Browse” and choosing the song or recording from your computer, and then finally 3) Pressing the blue “Upload!” button. The file should be in MP3 format, but if it is not, we will attempt to convert it automatically. The file will then appear in your list of recordings, and will also be included in your keepsake.
  5. Play button – This should be self-explanatory. Click or tap once to play. While the recording is playing the button will turn into a pause button, and you can click or tap to pause. By the same token, you can move the slider to move to a specific spot in the recording.
  6. Edit Recording Title – Clicking or tapping the pencil icon near the title will allow you to edit the title.
  7. Move the recording to sequence it – If you click or tap and hold down on the three horizintal bars, you can drag the recordings up and down in the position you want.  The topmost recording is the first one that will play on the Keepsake.
  8. Volume Setting –  This controls the volume of the recording as it plays back on your device. This setting has no impact of how loud the recording is when it plays on the keepsake.
  9. Download – This button will let you download the recording to your computer or device. Note: IOS devices don’t allow local downloads.
  10. Delete – This button will move the recording to the Trash at the bottom of the My Account Page.  This is “soft delete” and the recording can always be restored from the Trash if you delete the recording by accident.
  11. Edit Recording – This button brings up the additional settings shown below which allow you to amplify and trim the recording.
  12. Trim from Start – Did a caller wait a long time before they started talking?  You can move this slider to indicate how many seconds to shorten the recording from the start.
  13. Trim from End – Did a caller forget to hang up the phone?  You can move this slider to indicate how many seconds to trim the recording from the end.
  14. Amplify – If you have a low talker, you can use this slider to amplify the recording.
  15. Preview – After you have made your changes, this button allows you to preview the recording. If you don’t like how it sounds, you will be given the option to revert it back.
  16. Lock-In Sequence – After you sequence your recordings, you should use the “Lock-In Sequence” button to save your changes.  When you do that, the system saves the track number to each recording.
  17. One of three buttons will appear here:
      • Request CD Sets and/or Speaker to be sent – Once you have all the recordings and you are ready for us to send your keepsake, click this button. If you ordered a CD Set, you be asked to choose a color for the CDs, and what you want written on the top and bottom areas of the CDs.  You will also be asked to confirm or change the shipping address, and if you want to expedite the shipping. Once you complete the request, you will be sent an email with order fulfillment numbers. You will receive another email with a tracking number (unless you chose USPS International Shipping) when the shipping label is created for your Keepsakes.
      • Purchase Keepsakes – This button will appear if you ordered the LifeOnRecord Essentials plan, and now want to purchase a keepsake.
      • Re-Order – This option will appear if you have already requested your keepsake. You will have the opportunity to order another.


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How much time do I need to put this together?

It’s really up to you. We’ve had people purchase LifeOnRecord one afternoon, email everyone (and post on Facebook) that same evening asking them to call in within the next 24 hours, and present the recordings to the recipient the very next evening. On the other hand, people that love to plan things ahead will sign-up months before an event. LifeOnRecord is flexible to your timeline.

Here are some helpful tips if you are short on time:

  • You will receive your account instructions email within just a few minutes after ordering online (if you don’t see it right away, make sure to check your spam or junk folder). We provide a sample communication that you can copy and paste to send to people. That communication asks others to forward the email on, so that you can cast the net wide.
  • People really don’t need that much time to call in. Just make sure you give them a deadline (we give you some helpful tips in your account instructions email).
  • You can deliver the recordings electronically to the recipient. If they live far away you can send them a link to a special public web page just for them that has the recordings, or you can send them a podcast link. You can label the recordings so they are meaningful (e.g. “Bob Smith’s Birthday Wish”), and sequence them in a way that makes sense.
  • Many coordinators present the recordings to the recipient electronically, and tell them that a special keepsake will follow. That way the recipient has something to play on their birthday or anniversary, and can still look forward to receiving a keepsake.
  • You can request the keepsake at any point within a year after ordering. As long as you request the keepsake by 3PM Central time, we ship it out the next business day. Keepsakes take 3-6 days to arrive with the free shipping option, although delivery time is not guaranteed.  We also have options to ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days), FedEx 2-Day, and FedEx Overnight.
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Can I include a song or a recording from a voice recorder?

If your invitation number starts with a “3”, in addition to calling in from a phone, you have a number of other ways to contribute:

    1. Record on your computer, smart phone or tablet and email us the recording(s).
      Just use the voice recorder on your iPhone, Android, or other brand and email us the recordings. We accept all major types of recording formats, and we’ll automatically convert the file, label the recording with your email address, and send you an email back with the results.  Email the recording(s) to recordings@lifeonrecord.com
      Type your invitation number in the subject line with nothing else (e.g. 12345) and press send. The recording will be automatically processed, converted, and placed in the recipient’s account. You will receive an email back with a confirmation within 15 minutes.
    2. Upload your recording(s) to our web site
      Visit the Recording Contribution page, enter your invitation number, enter a title for recording, and upload your recording.
    3. Record Live
      From your computer or Android phone or tablet you can record. For best quality have a headset and visit our live recording page. When you first visit the page, your web browser may ask permission to access your microphone. Please answer “Yes” or “Allow”.  Enter the invitation number, a recording title, and start recording!


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How do I exclude the recipient from a Facebook posting?

Facebook is a great way of spreading the word to callers, but LifeOnRecord is usually given as a surprise, so how do you post on Facebook without the recipient (your Facebook friend) seeing the post? It’s easy:

  1. On the post click the “Public” button and choose “More Options”.
  2. Choose “Custom”.
  3. In the box that comes up, under “Don’t share with”, type in the recipient’s name.
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Tell me about the Keepsake Speakers



A LifeOnRecord Keepsake Speaker plays all your recordings without needing a CD player.

This is a compact, (2 inch, by 2 inch, by 3 inch), stylish aluminum speaker that packs a surprisingly loud sound for such a small package. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that lasts through about 10 hours of constant playing.

The speaker has controls to skip forward and back through the recordings, to pause the recordings, and to control the volume. The speaker comes in five different colors.

The speaker, memory card with recorded voices, and charging cable is $35, and you will receive a 10% discount on the keepsake speaker when ordering the LifeOnRecord Ultimate plan. Shipping is free.


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How do I download and play my recordings directly to an iPad or iPhone?

If you create a Playlist in iTunes of your recordings and sync your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to iTunes, your recordings will be accessible on your iOS device after syncing.  Otherwise, you can access your recordings directly on your iOS device by following the instructions below:

  1. Open the Podcasts App on your iOS device. If necessary, you may need to install it from the App store (it’s free).
  2. On your iOS device, login to your My Account page  and click the podcast link.
  3. You will get a box asking if you’d like to subscribe to the podcast. Tap on “Subscribe”
  4. It may take a minute or two, but you should see that a podcast was added with your invitation number. Tap on that, and then tap on “add Old Episodes”.
  5. Click on the circle to the left of each recording so that a checkmark appears, then click on the “Add” button in the top-right.
  6. All the recordings will download. When complete, tapping on one of the recordings will make it play.
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What are the benefits of LifeOnRecord?

Why do recipients love LifeOnRecord?  Wouldn’t you enjoy listening to recording after recording of people telling you how great you are, and their favorite memories of you? But the benefits go beyond being a terrific present for the recipient.

Benefits For Friends & Family of the Recipient

  • Friends and Family like using it – People want to convey their well-wishes and LifeOnRecord gives them a simple and easy way to do that, and they feel honored to be asked.
  • It’s simple – Your guests just dial a phone and talk!
  • It’s fast and convenient – Many people are more likely to tell a meaningful story than write one in a scrapbook or card.
  • Contribute from anywhere, anytime – Callers phone in at their convenience, whether that’s at 2PM or 2AM, and it’s perfect for those that can’t physically be there.

Benefits For the coordinator:

  • It’s easy to keep the surprise – LifeOnRecord makes it easy for people to collaborate and call in without the guest of honor suspecting a thing.
  • Flexible. You can give the gift of stories and well-wishes by having the recipient listen to them over the internet, through iTunes, or save them to their MP3 player or play them on a CD.
  • A back-to-basics present – Who needs another knick knack to clutter things up? LifeOnRecord is a great way of letting the guest of honor know how much people care for them. LifeOnRecord lets people express emotion, thoughts, and feelings that might otherwise go unsaid.
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Will you try and market your services to my callers?

We know that you want this be convenient for your callers, and you are concerned about anyone soliciting them.

We do not call, postal mail, or email your callers

We do not sell or give your information to other companies, except in direct connection with supplying the LifeOnRecord service (e.g. we need to pass your payment information to our credit card processor). Nobody connected with LifeOnRecord will solicit you, or sell or give away your email addresses.

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Are my recordings private?

Your privacy is our top concern, and we employ measures to ensure your information remains confidential.

  • Your recordings are stored on servers in a secure environment with locked doors, surveillance cameras, and electronic monitoring. We employ encryption and password protection. The web site which you access requires a User ID and password, and the files are streamed to you over an encrypted connection.
  • Nobody at LifeOnRecord will listen to your recordings without your consent. The process to create audio discs and Keepsake Speakers is automated and listening to your recordings is not required or done. We will only listen to a recorded message if it’s in the context of a specific support question you have or if we have reason to believe the terms of service are being violated.
  • Neither your recordings or your other information is made available to third-parties. The only exception is that your name, address, etc. is transmitted to our credit card processors for the purposes of making payment.
  • Although you can login via your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) that is only to ease ID and Password management (so you don’t have to remember another ID and Password). We do not post anything to your social media accounts.
  • We will occasionally look at customers call logs if there is unusual activity to ensure that the terms of service aren’t being violated. Customer call logs consist of caller ID information and call duration – they do not consist of call recordings.

We take steps on our side to ensure your privacy, but we also want you to know that there are two areas that are under your control where you need to be cautious:

  1. Once files are downloaded to your computer, unless you take further measures, they are accessible by anyone that uses your computer.
  2. If you make yourself a CD, or have us send you a CD or Keepsake Speaker in the mail, you should secure it properly since anyone that has access to the CD can listen to it.
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