Included Digital Keepsakes

Whether people call in on the phone number, upload or email in their recordings, or use a vintage phone, all the recordings end up in your account and the LifeOnRecord service includes several digital keepsake options to preserve those recordings:

  • Download your recordings individually – choosing just specific “tracks”.
  • Download all the tracks as separate MP3 files, as a “ZIP” file.
  • Download all the recordings stitched together as one “consolidated file”. The recordings will be in the sequence that you indicated on your “My Recordings” page.
  • Stream the recordings from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. We provide you with a special link that can shared, and when the link is clicked, the recordings will automatically play one after another. People can also pick and choose which recordings to play.

Phoned-in recordings (not from a vintage phone) are also emailed to you as the recordings come in.

All the recordings are in MP3 file format, and we stamp the “title” of the recording with whatever title you provided on the “My Recordings” page. By default, for phoned-in recordings the title is taken from the “Caller ID” name. We also stamp the “track number” based on the how you sequence the recordings.

As part of the service, we archive your recordings into long-term storage after one year. If you ever lose your recordings, we can restore them for you.