Tell me about the Keepsake Vinyl Record

A custom 12″ black vinyl record that plays at 33rpm produced on modern equipment. The record holds up to 20 minutes of recordings and music on a side – up to 40 total minutes per album.

If you have more than that, we can put them on additional records, or you can choose your top recordings – we will contact you with options. You have the option of a full-color glossy print cover with your choice of artwork or photos on the front and back sleeve, otherwise we will personalize with your name and date, or some other personalized text of your choice.

You can upload music into your account to be included on the record, however please note that most music you are familiar with was mastered for digital play (MP3’s and streaming) and we are reproducing those songs through a physical process onto a new analog medium (you would master a song for digital and analog differently). Basically, if you have a favorite song that you have heard a million times, you’ll recognize the sound is a little different on a lathe record and you should not expect a perfect reproduction of the song on the record.

The record will come with a poly-lined protective inner sleeve, and a protective poly plastic outer sleeve.

Production time varies based on the time of year, but averages 1-2 weeks.