Tell me about the Vintage and Retro phones.

We offer two major kinds of phones – authentic vintage rotary phones that are 40 or more years old, and working reproductions of phones from 1940 and earlier.

For the vintage phones, these are mainly the legendary Western Electric model 500. AT&T rented these to it’s customers, and they were known for their ruggedness and timeless style. The phone we will send you was a working phone that has been painstakingly re-painted if necessary, buffed, had the cords replaced, and basically brought back to like new condition. We then wire the inside of the phone so that you your friends and family can pick up the receiver, hear your message, and leave you a voicemail.

The retro phones were also fully-functional rotary phones. Although they were more recently manufactured they have an old-world look and charm. They are usually made of brass and wood, and mimic the designs of the early 1900’s and late 1800’s.

All the phones need to be plugged into power, but your rental includes a small battery pack with three triple A batteries in case an outlet is not available.