When should I sign-up?

You have nothing to lose by signing up early. The number and web site will become active minutes after you sign up for the service, and your account will expire after one year, at which point callers will no longer be able to leave messages and you will not be able to play your recordings from the web site or download them to your computer.

The order in which things happen are:

  1. You sign-up for your LifeOnRecord account and receive your account information.
  2. Using your phone, you record your personal greeting (what your guests hear when they call in). This is heard both when people call the toll-free number, and will also be heard if guests use the rental vintage phone.
  3. You communicate your LifeOnRecord telephone number and invitation number to callers, and let people know to use the vintage phone.
  4. Everybody calls in.
  5. You notify us that you would like your keepsake created (or you download your recordings on your own).
  6. Your account continues to stay open for 1 year after your sign-up date.